Bet365 and Incentive Games – New Game Launch

Bet365 is delighted to present an exciting new project “Unleash A Mercenary”, for which it has teamed up with a renowned and established game developer Incentive Games. The game is free, and about 130 countries have already seen the release of the game and it is available to play both on a computer and in a mobile application. The game will give the operator even more recognition and help win the attention of hundreds of millions of users.

Bet365 presents a new free game “Unleash A Mercenary”.

Originality of Bet365 Created Content

Unleash A Mercenary is now available across the entire Bet365 network worldwide, which is a huge achievement. The game is made with fascinating motives. Each player is invited to take advantage of the bookmaker’s offers and receive free spins and even cash rewards. Incentive Games CEO John Gordon marked the collaboration as a legendary moment. He marked it as an opportunity to develop something new and unique and bring the industry to market. Having become acquainted with the game, I can appreciate its initial data, that the graphics of Mercenary X are distinguished by their originality.

Under the same happy impression and representative of Bet365, marked this event as the best sequel to the game, which was released in December 2022 and immediately became a hit with the global audience.

Bet365’s unique level of games on offer

Bet365 is trying to develop its brand and bring creative approaches and solutions to the world of gambling. One of them is the fact that the lineup of games features exclusive format games that are custom designed by the bookmaker. This is far from the first joint project between the two giants, Incentive Games and Bet365. One of the company’s missions is to offer a free level of addictive games that are becoming popular on a daily basis and have a corresponding positive impact on the industry. One of the latest joint creations is the Royal Ascot horse racing competition.


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