Aviatrix Signs Contract with QTech Games

The news feed is full of headlines about his Aviatrix project with QTech Games about a Crash style game of the same name. The idea is that all of Asia will see this game. Nothing has been mentioned yet about the timing of the game’s release on the QTech platform, but as soon as it happens, all operator partners who are interested in getting the game will be able to access it and offer Aviatrix to their players. According to CEO Vladislav Artemyev himself, Aviatrix is a novelty in the industry today and will be able to bring a new vision to the world of casinos and gambling in the Asian region. QTech partner operators are already preparing to get this game on their platform, it will be an enchanting discovery. The developers of the game also make reference to the fact that the game is currently undergoing a number of additions, so the game should exceed all expectations.

QTech Games is about to release a new Crash-style game Aviatrix.

The essence of the game

The game Aviatrix may somehow resemble the game Aviator, a more advanced and newest generation. According to the games, users will be offered a variant of placing bets on online casino platforms, where a virtual plane is placed on the screen and you need to have time to cash out a growing multiplier before the plane “falls”. It is suggested that it is possible to control the game by having access to adjust the creation and customization functions of the plane walkers using NFT mechanics. Inspired by the game, this is yet another addition to QTech Games’ expanding portfolio with customizable game components.


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