Regulation of Online Gambling by the Government of India

New Set of Rules and Regulations by Indian Government Presented to Betting Companies. India’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has submitted some adjustments to its bill regarding online gambling. Anyone can receive clarifying provisions on these amendments until January 17th. The list of rules spelt out the definition of an online game. This is any game that can be accessed via the Internet, where an online player, by registering a personal account, makes a real deposit in order to earn extra money. There is also a mention that any game available in the online space must not violate the rules and regulations of the legislation of the country in which it is implemented.

New Rules and Regulations by the Indian Government are already presented to betting companies.

Self-regulatory bodies for online gambling in India

In my opinion, the version of self-regulation that is being proposed now is relevant and practical. The essence of it is that the state does not plan to issue any regulator to control the industry, but rather edits will be released to create “self-regulatory bodies” composed of online gambling operators that will establish regulations governing online gambling. It is proposed that the board should have a panel of several persons from different industries to regulate online gaming. These individuals would be: an independent expert from the field of online gaming, sports or entertainment, the user of the online gaming service itself, psychology or education expert, and a government policy advisor to the central government of India. This group of persons will be entrusted with the mission of protecting users. Through them, a set of rules should be formed that forms the responsible behavior of the players and also protects them from fraudulent activities or deception. It is also important to develop rules to protect children, especially the harmful effects of the gambling industry on teenagers. The members of this group should also develop a program in which everyone has the opportunity to apply to the appropriate authorities. The central government reserves the right to control this self-regulatory body in order to achieve its expected standards. If this is not respected or not achieved for certain reasons, then the government may suspend the registration of such a body. The growth and popularity of the gambling industry have become quite puzzling to MP Sushil Kumar Modi, who was a proponent of organizing a comprehensive system of online gambling regulation and called for the creation of such a body. In June, there was another development in India that affected betting companies. A ban on betting advertisements from foreign operators was announced. The media reported that print and electronic media could not publish online betting platforms in their news sources and feeds. As we can see, the creation of bills is trying to get closer and closer to the essence of online gaming to be able to put it all under control.


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