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Cookies are collected to shape and provide a better experience for users of the site. Thanks to this data, the user browsing experience by preference is improved. Below is information about cookies, functions and purpose.

The cookie policy should be familiar to you, read the short overview.

What Is Cookie?

Cookies are small text files into which the browser records data from the sites you visit. Cookies allow the site to “remember” its visitors, for example, so that they do not have to ask for their username and password each time, and offer only the content that is of interest to the user. This type of file sent by the web server is stored on the user’s computer/smartphone.

Types of Cookies

Cookies that provide information about user experience are of 2 types, proprietary and third-party. Information about each of them is given below:

  • Own cookies refer to the data that your computer receives from the domains of the websites you visit;
  • Third-party files, respectively, are files that a third-party company sends to the user’s PC.

Cookies remain active according to the duration of time the cookie lasts:

  • Session cookies are cookies that are stored in the user’s browser only for the duration of the user’s session in the browser, i.e. until the user finishes using a particular website;
  • Persistent cookies. These cookies are stored for an extended period. The period is set by the owner of the site, but it is usually a year. These cookies store passwords, logins, phone numbers, addresses, and payment details.

Cookie Control

Every modern browser pops up information that a cookie is being collected, which needs to be accepted. If for some reason the user does not wish to provide the requested information, in this case, it will be necessary to delete, block or disable the cookie. The way to achieve this goal is through the browser settings. But it is worth bearing in mind that the refusal to interact with this service may entail incorrect work information.


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