Indian Kabaddi Team Announced for Asian Kabaddi Championship

The country is preparing for the 11th Asian Kabaddi Championship 2023. This sport has a special significance in the Indian market. This is a sport that involves speed, agility, strategy and an indescribable desire to win. The Indian team is preparing for the championship and is ready to show its leadership skills and abilities in all its glory and leave no chance to the opponent this season. If you are ready to follow this exciting event and zealously support the team, then it’s time to dive into the world of kabaddi sports and study all aspects of the strategy and steps of its execution.

The Indian Kabbadi team is preparing for the championship and is ready to win.

Brief Summary

The Indian kabaddi team is vying for its fifth gold medal at the 11th Asian Championships 2023. Let’s help Sunil Kumar, Naveen Kumar and Vijay Malik achieve success by combining all our strength and fortitude. The upcoming tournament is full of unpredictability, but the team is not afraid of difficulties and is proud to take India to the world championship.

Short Background of the Indian National Kabaddi Team

In the 1990s, the first Indian national kabaddi team was formed and has had a major impact on the field throughout the world. This is where the spread, love and recognition of this sport came from. The All India Kabaddi Federation was founded in 1950, and the Amateur Kabaddi Federation of India in 1973. These two organizations have prepared a springboard for the development and prosperity of sports in the country and the world. The pride and glory of the country – seven gold medals in the last 8 Asian Kabaddi Championships, spread all over the world, showing who dominated the world stage at that time.

India’s participation in the Asian Sports Games in 1990 marked the country’s emergence as a sporting power. From 1990 to 2014, the team won gold medals in all three Kabaddi World Cup competitions, strengthening its position and position in the sports arena, and becoming stronger and more invincible.

First Years and Maturing

The 1990 Asian Games gave the sport of kabaddi a start in life. This season, the Indian team won its first gold medal, which was the happy beginning of all the successes to come. Overcoming challenges and setbacks such as the 2018 Asian Games fiasco and the impact of the 2019 Covid pandemic, the Indian Kabaddi team has shown resilience and determination. The team has trained hard and has set ambitious goals. And to achieve these goals, the team is training hard to bag five gold medals at the 11th Asian Kabaddi Championship 2023 year.

Climbing to Mastery

The Indian kabaddi team’s consistent gold medals at the pinnacle of the sport are evidenced by its most memorable victory over Pakistan in the 2006 Asian Games. India won 35-23 and won its fifth gold medal. The team’s phenomenal success is proof of its determination, resilience and single-mindedness.

Ahead of the upcoming 11th Asian Kabaddi Championship 2023, the team is focused on maintaining its winning record and preparing for further competition with other countries. Thorough preparation and strategic approach will definitely take them closer to their goal of winning a fifth gold medal.

Major Players of the Indian National Kabaddi Team

As in any sport, the key players play a fundamental role in the team and lead it towards unified success and winning all the upcoming medals. Key players like Sunil Kumar, Naveen Kumar and Vijay Malik were denied the opportunity to bring the team another gold medal at the 11th Asian Championships in 2023. These players have already achieved success on several occasions and have established themselves as professionals in their field who can be entrusted with the sporting heritage of kabaddi in this country.

Indian Kabaddi Team’s Monumental Victories

The Indian kabaddi team demonstrated its excellence in this sport with unforgettable victories over Pakistan, Bangladesh and Iran. These victories strengthened India’s position as the world capital of kabaddi, inspired a new generation to be patriotic, further develop this sport and spread it across the globe. Let’s take a look at what they were like.

Challenges and Failures of the Indian Kabaddi Team

It’s not for nothing that they say that where there are victories, there are also defeats. But the most important thing is how to get through these times of failure. And again, here the Indian team has become an example of how not to lose heart, but to work on mistakes and move towards your goals. The games of 2018 were a failure, which did not break the strength of spirit, but gave a new breath and a vector to achieve triumphant glory. The team also got through the difficulties of Covid 2019 united and without losing zeal, desire and commitment to this sport.

The Asian Games 2018

2018 has been a challenging year for the Indian kabaddi team. For the first time, the team lost its position in the Asian Games to South Korea with a score of 23-24. The team managed to reach the semifinals, but in the end, they lost to Iran with a score of 27-18.

This failure taught the team and its leaders a good lesson. If you have been at the top of fame for a long time, this does not mean that you have mastered all the tactics and thoroughly studied all your rivals. Only through painstaking effort and work can you continue to claim winning matches. Do you want consistency in winning matches? This means you need to constantly stay the course and be on alert.

Consequences of the Covid-2019 Pandemic

The effects of Covid 2019 have taken an incredible toll on the world of sports as well as the Indian kabaddi team. The inability to compete in tournaments, and not to have the opportunity to train as before, all has shaken both the morale and the physical activity of the team players. The inability to train as usual since 2019 has not been able to break the team’s dedication. The players emerged from the situation by beginning to form a new vision that helped them survive these difficult times. The Indian Kabaddi team overcame all the difficulties they encountered along the way and showed that they will participate in the 11th Asian Games Championship 2023.

The Way Forward: India’s Kabaddi Team Preparations for the 11th Asian Kabaddi Championship 2023

The 11th Asian Kabaddi Championship 2023 is approaching and the Indian team is ready for it. A strong squad, strategic leadership of the head coach, unwavering faith and determination will enable the team to bring home a fifth gold medal.

Let’s take a look at their preparations for this challenge. The Asian Kabaddi Championship winner’s prediction will help you win cash prizes and money in betting.


The Indian Kabaddi team is the pride and asset of the country. Those qualities that are inherent in the team players, such as cohesion, dedication, passion for what they love, an unshakable and unbroken fighting spirit, zeal and desire to prove to the world that the Indian kabaddi team is the best in the business – all this deserves respect and serves as an example not only for opponents but also for teams from other sports.

With key players like Vijay Malik, Sunil Kumar and Naveen Kumar, the team is sure to return with its fifth gold medal from the 11th Asian Games Championships 2023.


Who is the No. 1 player in kabaddi India?

Pardeep Narwal is the world’s leading kabaddi player. His best record in professional kabaddi is over 1000 points.

Who is part of the Indian kabaddi team 2023?

The Indian kabaddi team is represented by Arjun Deshwal, Naveen Kumar, Sachin, Aslam Inamdar, Mohit Goyat, Sunil Kumar, Parvesh Bhainswal, Nitin Rewal, Nitesh Kumar, Surjit Singh, Vishal Bhardwaj, Pewan Sehrawat. Coach:Ashan Kumar,Sanjeev Kumar. Director: Bhaskaran Ehwal. Manager: Bhaskaran Shakeri. Reserve players: Vijay Malik, Shubham Shinde.

Is kabaddi an original Indian sport?

Yes, kabaddi can safely be called an Indian sport. It is considered to be an ancient Indian sport with a centuries-old history.

Is India known for kabaddi?

The Indian kabaddi team has won a number of competitions over the years and brought home a gold medal in the Asian Games.

Who is the No. 1 kabaddi player in India?

Pardeep Narwal is India’s No.1 kabaddi player and has made a name for himself in this sport by scoring over 1000 points in the Pro Kabaddi League.


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